The Daily Tribune - URIAN Awards nomination

BUZZ Station by Edgar Cruz

Domingo Landicho, Urian Best Supporting Actor nominee

The surprise nomination in this year�s Urian Awards is fictionist/UP professor Domingo Landicho for Best Supporting Actor in Kubrador. His performance as the grieving grandfather is a high moment in Philippine cinema. Bookie Amy meets his character Tatay Nick at the wake of grandson Otep who had a sudden accidental death. From silent grief, he turns into an inconsolable mourner, revealing insights to his behavior. This single scene moved me, the final moment when I accepted the fact that Kubrador is a great movie, one of the top 10 made by a Pinoy movie company. Jeffrey, by the way, subbed Mang Domeng for the original actor who refused to reshoot. It turned out to be a jewel of a decision. Do you know that Jeffrey insisted on putting a warm body in the coffin in case the camera caught it? Problem was the coffin was small. Jeff gave a sigh of relief when he fitted. Such a stickler to truth! Guess what? It was not caught by Boy Yniguez�s hand-held camera.